Talking ATMs in India - An Overview

Today, thousands of Talking ATMs are deployed across India, offering crucial customer service to individuals with visual impairments. These ATMs enable independent transactions while ensuring privacy and security. They are designed to be inclusive, serving both sighted and blind individuals. Equipped with text-to-speech technology, Talking ATMs provide voice instructions that guide blind users through their transactions. To maintain privacy, these ATMs are fitted with audio jacks that deliver voice guidance directly to the user's earphone, ensuring that others cannot hear the transaction. Additionally, users have the option to hide the screen text for added security. The voice guidance is user-friendly, presented in the form of interactive voice responses (IVR), making transactions easy to follow. Users can conduct transactions using the ATM keypad alone, and each Talking ATM features a universal earphone jack compatible with standard 3.5 mm earphones. It is advised by banks that users carry their own earphones to access a Talking ATM.

Our primary goal is to compile a comprehensive database of all Talking ATMs installed by nationalized, private, foreign, and cooperative banks in India. This website serves as a convenient and accessible search tool across various platforms and devices.