About Us

In one of our casual meetings, we were discussing about development of Talking ATM and penetration of this empowering technology in India. We realized that facility/support services which can help us in searching closest Talking ATMs were lacking. We reflected on the idea of various platform based locator e.g. Computer, Mobile, Tablet, etc, for convenient and quick search.

This website is the first web locator for Talking ATMs in India. The website is developed with the optimum use of client-server technology to ensure smooth navigation and swift search. This website is completely accessible with many computer and mobile based screen reader programs.

This project is conceived and developed to fruition by us: Sameer Thakur, Saidarshan Bhagat and Prashant Naik.

For any queries and technical assistance, please feel free to contact us at talkingatmindia@gmail.com