Important Resources

Resources pertaining to Talking ATM can be downloaded from this section. Also download key circulars, reports and guidelines issued regarding extending banking, insurance and investment services to persons with disabilities.

Disclaimer for this resource page: The contents are for information purposes only, to enable persons with vision impairment to have a quick and accessible information on a single web page. Talking ATM India do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Banking on Accessibility - A Case for Accessible Banking for Persons with Disabilities by XRCVC

This report published by XRCVC in June 2022 is a comprehensive document that can be used by regulatory and governance authorities like the Reserve Bank of India, banks, other associated bodies, decision makers and policy experts. It shall aid them in monitoring and evaluation of existing guidelines and the level of their implementation in reality. It articulates banking problems faced by users and makes strong recommendations to improve the scenario. The scope of the report is largely focused on infringement of rights of persons with visual impairment who use or propose to use banking facilities.

  • Banking on Accessibility - A Case for Accessible Banking for Persons with Disabilities by XRCVC (pdf file 2.4 mb)
  • XRCVC Financial Access Useful Info and Quick Links

  • Xavier's Resource Center for the Visually Challenged - XRCVC (External web page)
  • User Manual on Talking ATM published by Union Bank of India

    Video Demonstration of Talking ATM

    Audio Demonstration of Talking ATM

    We are providing below sample audios only for familiarization purpose. There will be very few variations in the operation depend on ATM models and manufacturers. However all are following a standard workflow. Please refer Talking ATM user manual for understanding these differences.

    Misconception about Talking ATM

    Difference between Talking ATM for blind and partial voice guidance on an ATM for general public (pdf file 30 kb)

    Indian Banks Association (IBA) Circulars

    Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Circulars

    Services for Customers with Disabilities

    List of banks with web page providing information about the services being offered for persons with special needs and Bankers Guide 2017 book, a compilation of all circulars, notifications issued by GOI, RBI & IBA] for customers with Special Needs as a reference book for the bankers for sensitizing bank staff.

  • Axis Bank (External web page)
  • Bank of Baroda (External web page)
  • Citibank India (pdf file)
  • HDFC Bank (pdf file)
  • ICICI Bank Door Step Banking(Web page)
  • IDBI(pdf file)
  • Karnataka Bank (External web page)
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.(pdf file)
  • Punjab National Bank (External web page)
  • Punjab and Sind Bank (External web page)
  • SBM Bank (pdf file)
  • UCO Bank (pdf file)
  • Union Bank of India (External web page)
  • Yes Bank (External web page)
  • National Housing Bank

    Loan facility to visually impaired persons by HFCs 3rd December 2015(pdf file - external web page)


  • LIC letter to NAB India regard to Insurance cover to Blind persons 14 July 2007(pdf file 359 kb)
  • Insurance Cover to Disabled Persons_Press Release_24 April 2015 (External web page)
  • Guidelines on standardization of exclusions in Health Insurance Contracts 27 September 2019 (pdf file 7.2 mb)
  • IRDA Circular on Disclosure of Underwriting Philosophy by Insurers_2 June 2020 (pdf file 399 kb)
  • IRDA Circular Product for Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and those with Mental Illness_27 Feb 2023 (pdf file 669 kb)
  • Investment

  • BSE Notice: Accessing Securities Market by Visually Challenged Investors_12 May 2015 (External web page)
  • NSDL circular revised procedure - Opening and operation of depository account of blind persons 21 August 2007 (External web page)
  • NSDL circular Opening of an account of a Blind person 21 August 2007 (External web page)