Important Resources

Resources pertaining to Talking ATM can be downloaded from this section. Also download key circulars issued by RBI, IBA and BCSBI regarding extending banking services to persons with disabilities.

User Manual on Talking ATM published by Union Bank of India

Video Demonstration of Talking ATM

Audio Demonstration of Talking ATM

We are providing below sample audios only for familiarization purpose. There will be very few variations in the operation depend on ATM models and manufacturers. However all are following a standard workflow. Please refer Talking ATM user manual for understanding these differences.

Misconception about Talking ATM

Difference between Talking ATM for blind and partial voice guidance on an ATM for general public (pdf file)

Banks with Talking ATM Machines

Please note this is not intended as a complete list nor is it an endorsement of banks that are listed.

Rules and Regulations Related to Inclusive Banking Compiled by Talking ATM India

Handbook of Rules and Directives for Persons with Disabilities Bank Customers (pdf file)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Circulars

Indian Banks Association (IBA) Circulars

Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) Code

BCSBI code of banks commitment to customers dated January 2014 (pdf file)